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» 60 x 60 suspended ceiling

» Decoration and building sector

» Combi boiler , Kitchen and Bath Profiles

» PVC cabinet (D.I.Y)

» Greenhouse clips and holders

» Poultry Equipment & Profiles

» Special purpose PVC profiles

» Foam Pvc panel,Cooling Sector Prf

260 mm Dolap Profili

300 mm Cabinet Cover Profile (Suture)

300 mm Cabinet Profile

345 mm Cabinet Cover

360 mm Cabinet Profile

400 mm Cabinet Profile

445 mm Cabinet Cover

530 mm Cabinet Profile


595 mm Cabinet Backrest Profile

595 mm Bench Profile

Cabinet Backrest Profile

Cabinet Glass Cornice

Dolap Çekmece Profili

Cabinet Frame Profile

Profili Cabinet Corner, Turn Profile

Cabinet Crown Profile

Cabinet U Profile

20x40 Box Profile

300 mm Closure Profile (Flat)

360 mm Cabinet Corner Part

400 mm Cabinet Corner Part


Drawer Body

Cabinet Frame Profile

Cabinet Crown Profile (with led)

Hinged-Door Closure Profil

Fugalı Hinged-Door Closure Profil

PVC Cabinet Shelf Pin



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