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» 60 x 60 suspended ceiling

» Decoration and building sector

» Combi boiler , Kitchen and Bath Profiles

» PVC cabinet (D.I.Y)

» Greenhouse clips and holders

» Poultry Equipment & Profiles

» Special purpose PVC profiles

» Foam Pvc panel,Cooling Sector Prf


In the production of PVC Extrusion system, our company is the most important lines in Turkey, our firm reached to you with decoration and construction industry, agriculture sector plastics, supermarket shelf plastics industry, the furniture industry plastics and custom molded products according to customer requirements.

Kececi Profile is exported of the average 55% of the annual output to 13 countries. Including foreign producers our company is one of the largest exporters in its region.

Ceiling Panelling, Wall panels, PVC profiles, Decoration and construction sector profiles, PVC cabinet profiles, Poultry Equipments, Greenhouse clips and holders, Shelf Label.



Telephone: +90 (532) 506 33 11